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View all single contributions over $5,000 reported received from a single contributor by a committee on a 48 Hour Contribution over $5,000 Report. These contributions must also be reported on the committee’s next full disclosure report.

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MECID Report Filed Committee Contribution Information Contribution Date Amount
C151053 06/29/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI Alexander Kemper 14905 Little Blue Rd Kansas City MO 64136 C2FO CEO 6/28/2016 $5,001.00
C071094 06/29/2016 MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE Friends for Munzlinger PO Box 65 Monticello MO 63457 6/28/2016 $20,000.00
C081079 06/29/2016 CITIZENS FOR STEPHEN WEBBER UFCW Local 655 Elect Political Fund 300 Weidman Road Ballwin MO 63011 6/28/2016 $6,200.00
C101017 06/29/2016 PEOPLE FOR SOLON CHIPP POLITICAL ACCOUNT 1401 HAMPTON AVE ST LOUIS MO 63139 6/28/2016 $15,000.00
A161248 06/29/2016 SENIORS COUNT CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE Jewish Family & Children's Service 10950 Schuetz Road St Louis MO 63146 6/29/2016 $10,000.00
C161008 06/29/2016 RUSS CARNAHAN FOR MISSOURI Babu R Dandamudi 13036 Pingry Place 180 Kendall Bluff Court St Louis MO 63131 ST. ANTHONEY'S HOSPITAL Physician 6/28/2016 $6,100.00

Campaign Finance

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