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Register for Training(3)

Register for a training webinar, view in-person training schedule (during election season) and review the Guide to Training & Resources.

Form & Register a Committee(6)

Contains tutorials and brochures to help with questions regarding forming and registering a committee and provides access to the Committee Registration Packet.

Establish Record-Keeping(2)

All candidates and committees, as well as certain individuals and entities, must maintain accurate and up-to-date records regarding their campaign related financial activity; view Guide to Record-Keeping, and other related information.

File Disclosure Reports(8)

All candidates and committees required to file a Statement of Committee Organization must file campaign finance disclosure reports for each reporting period, for the life of the committee; view tutorials for e-filing, access log-in for e-filing and other related information.

Update & Terminate Committee(2)

Once the election is over, committee information must be updated or terminated depending on the status of the candidate or committee; view brochures related to after the election.

Candidate Central

Training Schedule

View details of events currently scheduled and register for webinars.

Educational Resources

View a variety of different resources regarding ethics laws, including publications and training opportunities.