New Committee Registrations

View all active campaign finance committees registered with the Commission by the date registered. Missouri law requires committees to register with the commission within 20 days of becoming a committee or no later than the date for filing the first report. Local campaign committees may register with their local election authority or the Commission. This list displays the last 30 days of activity

Registration DateMECIDCommittee NameCommittee TypeCommittee Candidate
6/17/2024 C243010 Save Urban Missouri PACPolitical Action 
6/15/2024 A243549 Charles Pence District 2 CommissionerCandidateCharles Pence
6/15/2024 A243548 Tyson Gibbons for SheriffCandidateTyson Gibbons
6/14/2024 C243009 Neighbors UnitedPolitical Action 
6/14/2024 C243008 Missouri Women For ProgressPolitical ActionShirley Mata
6/14/2024 C243007 FIRE FIGHTERS FOR KEHOE PACPolitical ActionMIKE KEHOE
6/14/2024 A243547 Friends of CzerniewskiCandidateGregory Czerniewski
6/13/2024 A243545 Robert M. Evenson CampaignCandidateRobert Evenson
6/13/2024 A243544 Samuel D Pigg or Lourdes I Pigg DBA Committee to Elect Sam PiggCandidateSamuel Pigg
6/12/2024 C243006 Knox County Republican CommitteePolitical Party 
6/11/2024 C243004 Renew Action PACPolitical Action 
6/11/2024 A243543 COMMITTEE TO ELECT AMY KOPFCandidateAmy Kopf
6/10/2024 A243542 Milnes for Coroner CampaignCandidateJohnny Milnes
6/7/2024 C243003 Cass County ConservativesPolitical Action 
6/7/2024 A243541 Committee to Elect Tom WorkmanCandidateTom Workman
6/7/2024 A243539 Dennis MorganCandidateDennis Morgan
6/7/2024 A243538 Friends to Elect Matt Shoemaker, Olivia Bealmer, TreasurerCandidateMatt Shoemaker
6/6/2024 C243002 Committee To Elect Ryan CooperCandidateRyan Cooper
6/6/2024 C243001 Janis Beacham for MissouriCandidateJanis Beacham Ph.D.
6/6/2024 A243540 Committee to Elect Cindy ThompsonCandidateCindy Thompson
6/5/2024 A243537 committee to elect drew evansCandidatedrew evans
6/5/2024 A243536 Committee to Elect Kerri MessnerCandidateKerri Messner
6/5/2024 A243535 Committee to elect Devon sonsCandidateDevon Sons
6/4/2024 A243534 Gina Rodriguez for TreasurerCandidateGina Rodriguez
6/4/2024 A243533 Elect Ruth KimmellCandidateRuth Kimmell
6/3/2024 C243005 Protect St. Charles County FreedomPolitical Action 
6/3/2024 C243000 Unalienable Rights PACPolitical Action 
6/2/2024 A243532 Committee to Elect Dougan Commissioner, Joya Kunzmann, TreasurerCandidateSteve Dougan
6/1/2024 C242999 Lake Ozark Locals Against CasinoCampaign 
6/1/2024 C242997 Mireya Barragan For MissouriCandidateMireya Barragan
5/31/2024 C242998 Net PAC MissouriPolitical Action 
5/31/2024 A243531 Cassatt Public Admin CampaignCandidateLaura Cassatt
5/30/2024 C242996 Committee to Re-Elect Carey for SheriffCandidateDwayne Carey
5/30/2024 A243530 Friends of Doug MartinCandidateDoug Martin
5/29/2024 C242995 HOLLISLASTER4MO24CandidateHollis Laster
5/29/2024 A243529 Committee to Elect Robert NugentCandidateRobert Nugent Mr.
5/29/2024 A243528 Committee to Elect Kenny Williams CommissionerCandidateKenny Williams
5/28/2024 C242994 M D Johnson For JudgeCandidateMitchell Johnson
5/27/2024 A243525 Committee to Elect Erick ByrnCandidateErick Byrn
5/27/2024 A243524 Committee to Elect William BohnertCandidateWilliam Bohnert
5/26/2024 A243527 Citizens to Elect Gaylord McDanielCandidateGaylord McDaniel
5/25/2024 A243526 Friends to Elect Scott Nichols CoronerCandidateScott Nichols
5/24/2024 C242991 Missouri Conservative Principles PACPolitical ActionMichael Steinmeyer
5/24/2024 C242990 Friends of Debbie GriggsCandidateDebbie Griggs
5/24/2024 A243523 Mark Marberry CampaignCandidateMark Marberry
5/24/2024 A243522 Committee to Elect Gayla McHenryCandidateGayla McHenry
5/24/2024 A243521 Committee to Elect Stephen DaumeCandidateStephen Daume
5/23/2024 C242989 Missouri First Conservative PACPolitical Action 
5/23/2024 C242988 Cara Spencer for MayorCandidateCara Spencer
5/22/2024 C242986 election for laclede county commissioner David Miller SrCandidateDAVID MILLER
5/22/2024 C242984 SCC Republican Grassroots PACPolitical Action 
5/22/2024 A243519 Rick Fosnow for Northside CommissionerCandidateRick Fosnow
5/21/2024 A243518 Committee to Elect Rick Geller SheriffCandidateRick Geller
5/21/2024 A243513 Committee To Reelect JESSICA ADCOCK GOODMAN Saline County AssessorCandidateJESSICA ADCOCK GOODMAN
5/21/2024 A243511 TO ELECT DOUG NAROSCandidateDouglas Naros
5/20/2024 C242982 Committee to Elect Stacy PattersonCandidateStacy Patterson
5/20/2024 C242978 Citizens for PlymellCandidateLarry Plymell
5/20/2024 A243508 Committee to Elect Jason D. LeneCandidateJason Lene

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