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View all single contributions over $5,000 reported received from a single contributor by a committee on a 48 Hour Contribution over $5,000 Report. These contributions must also be reported on the committee’s next full disclosure report.

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MECID Report Filed Committee Contribution Information Contribution Date Amount
C161298 09/28/2020 CLEAN Missouri RS McNally 1911 Nuences St Austin TX 78705 Self-employed Businessperson 9/26/2020 $20,000.00
C161298 09/28/2020 CLEAN Missouri International Union of Operating Engineers Local 513 Political & Educational Fund 3449 Hollenberg Dr St Louis MO 63044 9/26/2020 $25,000.00
C000629 09/28/2020 MR PAC Schnuck Markets, Inc. 11420 Lackland Road 11420 Lackland Road St Louis MO 63146 9/28/2020 $21,000.00
C190990 09/28/2020 Purple PAC I.U.O.E. Local 513 Political & Educational Fund 3449 Hollenberg Drive Bridgeton MO 63044 9/26/2020 $10,000.00
C180492 09/28/2020 MO Opportunity PAC KBA Investments LLC 2808 Thole Plocher Road Highland IL 62249 9/28/2020 $25,000.00
C000752 09/28/2020 HealthPAC SWMO Healthcare Committee 28 N. 8th St., Ste. 317 Columbia MO 65201 9/28/2020 $5,100.00

Campaign Finance

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