KC Recycle & Waste Solutions - Active
6709 E US 40 Hwy
Kansas City, MO 64129

(816) 400-5859
Boyd, Rodney 01/27/2023Present
Casas, Kate 01/27/2023Present
Donohoe, Tashayla 'Tashayla Person' 12/01/2023Present
Eaton, Alex Thomas 01/10/2023Present
Gamble, John 02/06/2023Present
Gamble, Kathryn 02/06/2023Present
Gamble, William 02/06/2023Present
Grace, Brian 01/27/2023Present
Jackson, David 02/06/2023Present
LaFaver, Jeremy 03/01/2023Present
Lohmann, Rebecca 01/10/2023Present
Pfeifer, Daniel 01/01/2024Present
Porter, Gregory 'Greg' D 01/10/2023Present
Schlemeier, Jorgen 02/06/2023Present
Schlemeier, Sarah 02/06/2023Present
Simmons, Kelvin 01/27/2023Present
Smith, Jeff Ryan 05/05/2023Present
Strong, Nikki 01/01/2024Present
Willis, David 01/10/2023Present



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